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In today's world, many children are conceived through assisted reproductive techniques. This raises the issue of whether to disclose this information to family, friends, and most importantly, the child. There is much controversy as to whether it is a child's right to know his or her genetic heritage. This delicate issue of disclosure needs to be decided by parents; especially as science and medicine continue to delve into the genetic inheritance of disease.

It can be very difficult for parents to know how and when to disclose this information. They may delay telling their child because they don't know how to broach the subject, the time never seems right, or they may be afraid of their child's reaction. Some literature shows there may be a real advantage to giving information regarding conception to a child at a young age. This prevents the emotional upset that could occur if a child accidentally discovers or is told later in life that he or she was conceived in an alternative way. It is especially devastating to find out as an adult that one or both of your parents are not genetically related to you. Adults told later in life often feel hurt, angry, and betrayed.

The books available from X, Y, and Me, are written to be used as a tool by parents who wish to disclose this information to their child from the beginning. This information can then be given in a factual, non-emotional, matter-of-fact way. By reading these books to a child from infancy through early childhood, the child then develops a progressive understanding and grows up knowing "no differently". It is our hope that these books will be helpful to parents as they deal with this delicate, but very real, issue.

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